Best Fishing Kayaks Inc. Texas

kayaking adventuresCompany Name: Best Fishing Kayaks Inc.

Membership Field: Kayaking, Canoeing, Outdoors, and Other Boating Equipment

City: Deersfield, Nebraska

Member Name: Johnny Cash

About: If your looking for help in your river boating excursions, this company is known to produce and sell the best fishing kayak in the Mid-West. Having been around for the past 50 years, and starting in the boating and canoe industry in the backwater and local lack valleys, they’ve since expanded outwards into the white water rapids niche, and now produce many successful custom kayaks, as well as other named brand kayaks such as Old Town, Riot, and Wilderness Systems. A main stay in Deersfield, one of the main procurers of money for them is the renting of paddles and river guides, but with the expansion of the industry they know make a great deal of money custom fitting other peoples river boats with modular accessories as well as mount additions.

Community Service Recommendation: They have been firmly involved in the community for more than 50 years. Johnny’s son Billy is an assistant coach at the Deersfield High School Football team, and each year they help fund can food drives, Easter Egg hunts, set up outdoors wilderness adventures, and personally fund college scholarships to 5 high school graduates every year.

Community Tips: One other aspect which we really like about this company, is there knowledge in their craft. They are the best in the business, and everybody in Nebraska knows them and their trade. One of the revolutionary additions which they had a major hand in, was the mounted system, and the creation of the sit on top kayak. With mounted kayaks, you can add accessory items, such as GPS systems, fish finders, and rods. You can also custom fit them to your liking, adjust the heights, or use them to dive or tour. Kayaks are great for family, but overall they are known as a fishermans best friend because they are relatively low maintenance, quiet, and are easy to get in and out of. You can also pair up with a friend and go out on the river, the best tandem kayaks are ones which are extremely comfortable, affordable, and have a ton of space. Finally, there are inflatable kayaks which can come in several different varieties. These varieties can include cheap, family styled models, or they can be extremely sturdy and able to handle white water rapids. Whats best about the inflatable models is they are compact and you can deflate them and store them away, unlike hard surfaced varieties. No matter what style you choose, be sure to check out Johnny’s company and purchase these beasts, you are sure to enjoy them.

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BowBandit – Best Compound and Recurve Bows and Accessories

bow shopCompany Name: BowBandit

Membership Field: Long Range Weapons, Hunting Equipment and Accessories

City: Dover, Florida

Member Name: Jack Glover

About BowBandit: BowBandit specializes in long range bows and equipment, especially as it pertains to take down bows. In other words, mostly compound bows, but he also makes some of the the best recurve bows that you can use for hunting as well. This requires him to put a lot of effort into finding the best lumber to create the torque necessary on the recurve bows string, and he spares no expense to purchase redwood for this purpose. In addition to the recurve bows, Jack’s company also creates probably the best compound bows in Florida, and all of the archery equipment necessary to make an effective hunting experience. Dover is located just outside of the Green Swamp area, so Jack sees a ton of customers yearly, yet he receives people from far and wide who come specifically to take a look at this wares.

What makes BowBandit so successful, is their team of highly trained and skilled marksmen. These are professional hunters whom Jack has hired on full time and trained, so each and every product sold on his shelf might as well be certified by Rambo himself. All of the pullies and levers come with full warranties, and the cam is guaranteed not to break on draw or they will issue you a full refund. The accessories in his shop are also some of the best in the industry, as he carries everything from stabilizers, bowstring, and sights, to targets and training dummies which you can train on. Just outside his shop, is are two ranges which Jack co-owns with his partners across the street, who specialize in guns and other munitions equipment. This range features an assortment of allies in which to train and for sighting in targets, but you can rent just about everything you need here, including ear protection, gloves, and shooting glasses.

Community Service Recommendation: BowBandit has received a lot of praise over the years, for their involvement in the community. They’ve recently joined with the United Way in fundraising to help a local homeless shelter get clothes and restored food banks which were running dangerously low. For Thanksgiving, Jack donated 300 turkeys to the local civics administration, who saw to it that every household in Polk County received one if they requested it. This was the first year that the civics center was able to successfully fill all of the requests, and this was in large part due to Jacks company, who helped make Thanksgiving bright for many many families.

In addition to funds, BowBandit has offered much in the way of Civic Support. Every Easter they help hide Easter eggs for children at the optimist club, and join with local schools such as Strawberry Crest High School in order to raise enough funds to offer exceptional schools scholarships. BowBandit even offers a full ride scholarship to one lucky student up to 60,000 if they can demonstrate exceptionally high grades, and are active in woodland community work.

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Best Survival Knives Inc. Membership


blade shopCompany Name: Best Survival Knives LLC

Membership Field: Weapons, Knives, Other Niche Equipment

City: Lakeland, Florida

Member Name: Donald Holcomb

About Best Survival Knives: Donald’s company as the name suggests, deals with weaponry and specializes in the production of survival knives. These knives are used by both campers, gamesmen, and military personnel, in order to maximize efficiency in field, and are amongst the most expensive knives that you can purchase. His company also specializes in machetes, chainsaws, and other sharp objects, but gets the bulk of their customer base by repairing broken equipment and reforging blades. In addition to this, Donald is known to create the best swiss army knives in Florida, as they come packed with as many as 30 tools, and are both water resistant and light. Recently, the government also contracted Donald and is team to create ready made and field tested military grade products, as its known even within the government that he produces the best tactical knives in the region. Donald does this by important high grade Japanese Stainless Steel and hand forging every knife, he has a single mold that he use for each set up but every product he takes special care to ensure its quality.

Community Service Recommendation: Donald and his team of knife enthusiasts have been hard at work creating a marketable brand in the Lakeland community, by engaging in customer needs and by being active in their community. Lakeland is known to be a low income sector o the nation, yet Donald donates about 10% of his earning to the local boys and girls club, not to mention donating several hours of time to instruct and teach young children survival tactics and other boy scout-ish type methods of learning. Donald is also a  coach for the local High School Lakeland Dreadnaughts, where he works with strength and conditioning and teaches young men how to gain muscle.

Other events where his company has donated time, has been well noted. Every year his team helps set up the Christmas parades routes, hangs up Christmas lights, and all employees are given one day with full pay to donate time at a local homeless shelter. Of course, throughout these events they also hand out fliers to consumers in order to get them interested in the company, so over time they have built up quite a customer base.

Tenure in the Community: 15 years. Mr. Holcomb and his family have been steady patrons within the Lakeland community, for several decades. His company itself has only been around for around 15 years, but the Holcomb’s have been a staple name in this area and have represented it well throughout their tenure.

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